Perhaps, the closest meaning of authenticity is staying true to who you are in times of challenge.

As one of the great thinkers of our time once remarked, ‘persons true identity can be revealed when he has absolutely nothing or when he has it all.’

But, before we start talking about all these, it all comes down to this one question. Do you really know what your life stand for? It may or does sound too philosophical, abstract or detached from everyday life. In fact, some people regard these questions as senseless bit childish and people who talk about such concepts are; hence, considered as hypocrites.

However, it is not, it must not be only about survival. We are better than that, us humans are too good if are we just to fight for survival.

The motivation for survival only gets us through the day. But we need ‘get from the day not through the day.’ Consider a guy who wait his ass off till the clock hit 6 p.m. so that he can bail out from ‘office’, a known everyday hell for him. Consider a young women who does her best to not to miss the chance to gossip around others at work. Consider a student who straightly sleeps his entire lectures at class because he was late the night before hanging out with buddies.

They are actually ‘enjoying life’ as they like to refer to this idea because well you know is YOLO for us new generations. Sadly, we are little too deeply tucked in our daily chores, routines. and agendas so that our main focus of the days turned out to be endless race of getting through one day to other.

But. supposedly we are a young folks who should be the most eager to ‘get from the day’ or learn as we make our way to this incredible that we call life.

Perhaps, the most fundamental solution that we seek in this tragedy of ‘killing of time’ through our daily lives is to find out the meaning of our lives where we actually must encounter the question: What are we in it for? Fame, greatness, money, love, happiness whatever.

And then finally, when we actually grasp that meaning, we need to damn make sure that we stick to them. Only then, we will be able to apply the concept of authenticity to us, our lives.

Till then, adios dear all!

Kudos to your search! You may start now! Yes, go grab a pen and paper. Get on it as you finish reading this.

July 1, 2014

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