Decisions? Or fail by default?

We make countless of decisions every single day of our lives starting from simple mundane ones such as what time to get up, what to wear, what to eat to complicated ones such as how much to spend, who to date, what to live for, how to fulfill our dreams. Doubtlessly, it would sound extremely ignorant if I state that level of thinking that is involved in making each one of these decisions require is the same. Some of them come to us naturally; mostly, automatically whereas some takes great deal of courage and bravery to make them.

In here, I do not wish to write about what decisions we make in our daily lives; however, I wish to write about why we have. We have to make decisions because we are bound to, because that is the only way out for us to move forward and experience life in every possible ways. Depending on the level of thinking, courage and boldness that it takes to make it, some decisions are postponed, waitlisted, and put on a hold for years sometimes.

Let’s say you buy delicious fresh cake for yourself to relinquish your cravings and brings it home for dessert. After dinner, you take it out of your refrigerator to eat but you seem to have lost your appetite and put it back. You leave it in the refrigerator for days because you couldn’t bring yourself up to the task that you once wanted badly. Unfortunately, by then your cake is already rotten and became inedible.

This is the same process that happens when we postpone our decision making process. Longer and more time we spend, our courage and incentive toward making that decision diminishes to the point where we lose all of our confidences.

We run our daily lives mostly with our simple and mundane little decisions considering that we don’t make life-and-death level decisions everyday unless you are a police officer. However, there are the ‘big’ ones that we have to deal on face-to-face level which the results will probably have life-long impact on our entire life. What could they be, you may wonder? They could be about where you want to be in 5, 10 years from today, what career you want to choose and realizing and finding out your dreams/goals. It is a fact that we don’t get to make this decisions often in life; in fact, we only make it very few times. These are serious and vital decisions which take great deal of courage from us; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean we can put it off for later.

Life happens now and it is happening in the moments as you are reading this article. Unless you want the ‘rotten cake’ in your refrigerator, you ought to start making the ‘big decisions’ without running away from it or denying it or pretending that you don’t need to. I do not have a clue about where you are in your life or what decisions you are facing; however, I highly suggest you to face your issues and make your decisions. It could be wrong, it could be right but both of these results are far better than not knowing what it could have been. As J.K Rowling put it so perfectly, “you will fail in life. That is fact. Only by taking risks you will know whether you will fail or succeed in life. You may think and believe that not taking risk is safe. Unfortunately, in that case you will fail by default.” Make your decisions with courage and see where it can lead you. At least you have to buy the ‘ticket’ if you wish to win the lottery just like the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

Best of luck!



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