Imperfection is Necessary

This life isn’t perfect neither am I.

There are times when I make every wrong decisions anyone can possibly make.
There are days that I feel like I am useless and helpless.
There are moments when everyone I meet pisses me off.
There are times when I feel cold even if the sun is burning outside
There are times when I dont have any will to live on and everything seems pointless and meaningless.
There are days when I would be thrilled at what I have in my life and appreciate the beauty of it all. My life is far more meaningful than I could ever imagine. Sun rises everyday but with it comes a beautiful story that I will create just like the single brick of house (life) that I am building.

It doesn’t matter if I can’t see the sun today because I know it is out there, getting ready to light up my world with the first chance it gets.
I know I can make the tomorrow so much better than today or yesterday because I have the power to do so.

The truth is you, me and all of us live our lives on a single tread of hope, like the light at the end of tunnel, that says tomorrow is going to be better, the future is going to be better.

Never dare to give up on that hope; otherwise. your life will cease to exist.

I CAN’T, and I WON’T let the dark clouds seperate from the sun and thunders to shake my hope.

Yes it is not perfect world and I am not perfect human, but that is what makes this life perfect. As someone said once “Your impfection makes you perfect human.”

Always remember that you are beautiful
Dont ever let no one to tell you that you aren’t.
Dance through life and
Dig deep into your heart
There shall your answer lie
The meaning of your life!

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