Being true to myself…

“Live your talk, walk your talk”…When I heard these words first time, I thought these people are just being cynical and judgmental against what I am saying. Not soon later, I realized that I was wrong. If you want people to believe in what you say, if you want them to do what you are suggesting, you ought to be doing it or using it in your life. No matter how good and catchy your words may sound, unless you have proven it in your life, no one will believe you and your words will be worthless. As I meet more and more people, I found that my words can be much more weightier and more impactful if I have any kind of real experience in what I am saying to them.

The major question that everyone should ask themselves is: Do I ‘live my talk?’ In my opinion, we as human beings have tendency to get ahead of ourselves too much when we talk to other people. Although it may not be true to many, some of us just like to be proud and respected by other people so we talk so much just to impress them. It is wonderful if you want to succeed and become the best but you have to make sure that you know the difference between just wanting it and actually getting it. Wanting and wishing are just words that have dictionary meaning. Mr. Rohn once said “Affirmation without action is beginning of delusion.” Likewise, you could tell everyone you meet how great things you want in our lives and how wonderful things you want to accomplish. You may impress your friends, colleagues, and relatives temporarily but what if you don’t do anything about those marvelous wants and dreams?


I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t want more and better things in your life, I am merely suggesting that you should “walk your talk.” Only by then your words become powerful enough to change others, only then your words become livelier and only then you will be respected. You could tell others that your dream is go to the Moon but if you don’t even know how far Moon is from earth then you are NOT being true to yourself; in other words, you are lying to yourself.

Lying to others is one thing but lying to yourself is whole another level. You may call it “the colossal mistake” that we make in life. What is worse about lying to yourself is that you tend to lose the value of your dreams and goals. In our Mongolian language, there is a proverb that says “If you repeat your lying words for thousand times, it will become true.” I totally object to this idea because if you repeat anything for more than thousand times; in the end, it will lose its value completely and become nothing more than just a meaningless chanting.

I am sure that most of us have good intentions to improve ourselves and become successful but you have got to be honest with yourself. Don’t let yourself get deluded in fake satisfaction that you would get from just wanting it. Get out there and chase after whatever you want. Once you start going up the stairs to your dream step by step, others will eventually come to you and will want to know how they can do the same as well.

If you are broke, then say to yourself that you are broke.

If you are lazy, then say to yourself that you lazy.

If you are not strong enough, then say to yourself that you are weak.

However, it is absolutely important to distinguish accepting your weaknesses and giving up on yourself. Accepting who you are, where you are, what the reality is totally different from giving up on yourself and denying what you can do. When you finally realize and accept reality, now the power will come to your hand along with one of the greatest life changing questions.

What can I do now to change all these?

Yes, what can you do now change your life?

To conclude, be true to yourself my dear friend because it is not about making yourself feel worthless it is about knowing who you are…

My deepest sincerity goes toward those whom I met today and those whom reminded me once again how important it is to be honest with myself.

Thank you so much,

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