How much does your dream cost?

Better yet, what does it cost?

In case you were wondering, can’t I just dream because it doesn’t cost me a dime? Well, you can’t. Dreams are not wish list which you may blabber on endlessly. Dreams are very real and they might just be the biggest ticket items on your shopping list.

There are 2 inseparable ingredients that marks up the cost of dream to its heftiness.

Things you must do

This is rather obvious. To achieve your dream, you must work hard, pay your dues, and show up everyday. No dream can turn to a reality as a fruition of laziness or lack of 100% commitment. The list is obvious because you already know exactly what you should put on it. Starting with getting up early, spending at least an hour a day to improve oneself, writing down your dream and action plan, surrounding yourself with right people, hours of endless preparation, ton of practice and more.

Things you must stop doing

This is where it gets tricky. Yes, the stop-doing list. Perhaps, it is considerably more significant than the ‘must-do’ list simply because it is hard to pinpoint exactly what should be on it. The good news is that if you take your time and really focus, you will see what they are. They may not seem grand; however, they are most prominent reasons why your so called ‘dream’ is still a simple wish list.

Let’s start with your daily 2-3 hours of TV time after your long hard day at work. Gosh, you feel like you earned it at the end of the day, no? Then let’s move on to your daily 1-2 hours of social media. The world just won’t seem to go around if you don’t go on there and see what everyone is up to. Then, there is traffic. Oh yes, 1-2 hours a day in traffic because you didn’t want to get up 1 hour early and hit the road before everyone else. Well, let’s not forget about Mr. Friday and his significance to our lives. He is so well known he might just deserve rest of the Friday evening and entire Saturday by rendering us powerless to do anything but to lay in bed swearing ‘never again.’ You get the idea. There are numerous items that must go on this list if you ever hoping to make it out of the ‘starting line.’ So, get to it then.

At the end of the day, one shouldn’t call it a dream if they are not doing anything about it. Sure, it feels good to talk about. But that is just it. It’s a wish list. My great mentor Jim Rohn once said, “If the promise is clear, price wouldn’t be so hard to pay.” Unfortunately, we all know too well that in life nothing is guaranteed; therefore, the promise of your dream is indeed very bleak in the beginning. It is so uncertain that you might as well be wondering in dense fog. However, it is those who has the courage to see through the fog and choose to commit 100% in achieving their dream. Most importantly, have your must-do list and stop-doing list with you.

Start today so that you get there one day earlier!

So, I ask again. What cost are you willing to pay for your Dream?

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